An Irvine House Cleaning Company


Who Are We

Irvine house cleaning company that offers affordable house cleaning for your home or business. We want to help you save time and do something fun and leave the cleaning to us.

We are a house cleaning firm that saves our clients time, money, and the aches and pains often associated with house work. We treat the houses we clean with the same respect and love we do our own. Customer satisfaction is our top priority and our clients see that in the end results we produce. Our staff is highly experienced, personable, and happy to answer any questions or concerns you might have. Whether you’re moving into or out of a home, our work allows you to focus on more important and pressing things.

Our Mission

We have two equal priorities. The first being to clean homes in such a way that our work surpasses customer expectations. We work tirelessly to ensure that every home we clean is left looking warm, comfortable, and as close to new as possible. Our second priority is customer satisfaction. We aren’t happy unless our customers are happy. This is why we will return and re-clean any home at no additional cost in the unlikely even that a customer finds themselves unhappy with our efforts.

What We Do

In short, we clean any and all types of homes. Whether you are moving into or out of a home we can take the burden of cleaning off your shoulders. If you’re a contractor whom builds homes, we can help prepare/restore new homes once your work has been completed. Maybe you’re a homeowner who just doesn’t have the time nor the energy to clean your own home? We help people like you too so that they can devote their time to something other than cleaning. We can clean your home on a regular basis and can also be called up before you entertain guests, have company over and even after you throw a party. Regardless of why your home may need to be cleaned, we are there for you and will impress you with our work.

Our history

For over a decade we have been cleaning homes all throughout Irvine. Though the tools and technology have changed a great deal over our 20 years of service, we have always adhered to the highest cleaning standards and given our clients homes the respect we’d want our own to be given. We are also an adaptive Irving house cleaning firm as we have stayed on the cutting edge of house cleaning tech. While our competitors are content in remaining complacent with what they have to work with, we adopt/implement new tools and techniques as they arrive so as to always produce the type of end results our customers expect. Staying one step ahead of the rest of industry is part of how we have grown to be Irvine’s number one house cleaning service.

From day 1, we have employed only the most experienced professionals. Our stringent and thorough hiring process ensures that our clients are not only left with impressive results but have the peace of mind they need before allowing people into their homes. By running comprehensive background checks on all prospective employees, we also help protect our clients homes.

Why choose us for your Irvine House Cleaning?

We place a supervisor at every job site to ensure quality of work, efficiency of work, and to give our clients peace of mind. Our supervisors not only oversee the work being done but work along side their teams as well.

We are a licensed and bonded house cleaning firm. Being certified in these manners means we are not only responsible for the work we do but we are liable for it as well. Essentially, our clients never have to worry about things like on site injuries, damages, etc. We are covered so that you are!

Customer satisfaction is our top priority and in the unlikely event that a client finds themselves less than satisfied with our work, we’ll return to re-clean their home at no additional charge.

Leave the cleaning to us! You'll be glad you did!