Irvine House Cleaning Services

There’s house cleaning and then there’s professional house cleaning. Sure, we all pick up the toys our kids leave out, do some vacuuming a couple of times a week, dust regularly, and might even rent a carpet shampooer on occasion. While these things certainly help keep our homes tidy they don’t really do too much to keep them clean. A professional house cleaner addresses the deeper needs of a home’s counters, floors, walls, and can reduce the amount of irritants, pests, and problems that often accompany a home that never receives the TLC of a professional. Irvine house cleaning services also takes the burden of cleaning off the shoulders of the homeowner and places it on the shoulders of those with the tools and experience to get the job done thoroughly and properly.

Irvine House Cleaning Company offers the most comprehensive house cleaning services in all of Southern California. Our services also produce results you won’t get from other house cleaning services. Our owners and employees adhere to very strict and high standards for house cleaning. To ensure the highest quality of service we place one of our owners at ever job site. We also hire only the most experienced employees and put them through both rigorous background checks and training processes. We guarantee that all of our employees will treat your home with the same love, care, and respect that you do.

We also take great pride in ensuring every customer is 100% satisfied with our work. In the unlikely event that a customer’s finds him or herself less than happy with the end results we produce, You’ve Got Maids will return and clean your home once more, free of charge of course.

If you’re considering using your leisure time to clean your home, we urge you to contact us instead. Not only are our services affordable but in many cases they’ll save you money too. In order to produce the type of results professional cleaners do, you’ll need to purchase high quality tools and cleaning solutions. You’ll then spend an entire day or weekend doing work that takes us mere hours. Why not spend your free time doing something you enjoy and leave the cleaning to us? You’ll be happy you did.

Benefits Of Professional Irvine House Cleaning Services

There are a number of high level benefits to hiring an Irvine house cleaning service.

  • Free Time: Homeowners will spend hours doing light housework throughout the week. Those who choose to tackle deeper cleanings will spend not hours but days and sometimes multiple weekends breaking their backs only to find themselves less than satisfied with the results. Hiring professional house cleaners leaves a homeowner free to spend their down time with their family, hanging out with friends, reading, sleeping, enjoying a book, in front of their television set, or enjoying some time out on the town. A professional will handle even the most arduous of cleanings in a matter of hours, sometimes less.
  • Saving You Money: When a homeowner chooses the do-it-yourself route for a proper cleaning of their home they’ll need industrial grade tools and solutions lest they produce weak results. Such people will need a high powered vacuum, a streaming shampooing floor cleaner, eco-friendly or green cleaning chemicals, high quality squeegees, soft cloths for cleaning, and something for refuse and disposal…just for starters. Professional house cleaners arrive at your home with all of these things at the ready. Moreover they have the experience needed to utilize these things safely and properly.
  • Safety First: There’s then the issue of safety. The do-it-yourselfer may operate mindfully while working but they aren’t beholden to any industry safety standards, practices, nor laws so they often work haphazardly. In fact most aren’t even aware of just how dicey rigorous house cleaning can be. Falling objects, slips, falls from ladders, broken bones, burns, cuts, and bruises are all common injuries sustained by Joe and Jane Average Homeowner while doing this type of work. Laypersons also damage their furniture, fixtures, and their homes while attempting to deep clean their abodes. Professionals on the other hand rarely get hurt on the job and they take great care in protecting your home and your belongings.
  • Long Term Health Of Your Home: Homes that receive regular visits from a professional house cleaner not only stay healthier for longer periods of time but they also require fewer replacements, repairs, or overhauls. This greater longevity and health is a result of not only the type of cleaning professionals deliver but the protective treatments they give flooring, counter-tops, glass, porcelain, etc.

Who Needs Irvine House Cleaning?

The better question to ask might be, “Who doesn’t need house cleaning?”. Professional Irvine house cleaning services are for anyone who lives in a home, rents homes or apartments, professionals with little or no time for housework, busy parents, persons with disabilities, people who are about to or have just entertained guests, and people who just despise having to spend their free time cleaning. Moreover, professional house cleaning services are inexpensive and can be done by room or by an entire house. The vast majority of professional house cleaners charge by the square footage and give free quotes and assessments as well.

How Often Should My Home Be Cleaned?

Professional house cleaners usually recommend a home be cleaned twice a month. This level of frequency along with some light cleaning by a homeowner in between professional visits ensures a house stays warm, cozy, and homey. Of course there are exceptions this rule as some homes endure more abuse and more traffic than others. Single homeowners whom work and are home only to sleep can get away with quarterly visits while large families and those with pets will undoubtedly require more frequent professional cleanings. As needs vary from home to home, never hesitate to contact a professional house cleaner for advice.

Residential And Commercial Cleaning

You’ve Got Maids has a reputation as Orange County’s premiere home cleaning service and as such many persons erroneously believe that we service only homeowners. On the contrary, we regularly clean newly constructed homes, commercial structures, work places, and even industrial buildings. We are a full service residential and commercial cleaning company. We also work with landlords and tenants during move-in’s and move-out’s, helping to ensure the integrity of a home or apartment. Whatever reason there might be for a home cleaning, we can and do help.

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