Irvine House Cleaning

Irvine House Cleaning that is both affordable and certified. Managers always on site to ensure you are 100% satisfied.

Cleaning one’s house can be nothing short of a chore, a headache, and is often something most homeowners seek to avoid. We all lead busy lives filled with work, children, school, friends, and a number of other responsibilities. Housework therefore often falls to the bottom of one’s list of priorities. Sure we all pick up and do some vacuuming when it’s absolutely necessary but most of us avoid thorough house cleaning as the task requires the right tools and a great deal of time. We take the hassle out of Irvine house cleaning so that our clients can either tend to more important matters and so that they can spend their free time doing something they actually want to do. We bring over two decades of experience with us and in that time, we’ve seen it all. Whether you clean your home on a regular basis or your upkeep is less than frequent, we can help. We can visit your home as frequently as needed and will always leave your home looking impressive, feeling warm, and above all else…clean!

What Are The Benefits of Professional House Cleaning?

Everyone knows that a professional house cleaner saves homeowners time and money. What many people aren’t aware of however is just how good a job a professional does. Professional house cleaning involves a great deal more than just vacuuming and dusting. The pros bring with them industrial grade tools, cleaning chemicals, and a deep knowledge of how to tackle tough and stubborn jobs. These high grade tools and experience mean that your home is going to be a great deal cleaner than it would had you cleaned it yourself. More to the point, homes cleaned by professionals, even those on a semi-regular basis, are not just going to be very clean but they’re going to stay cleaner and healthier in between professional visits. While we clean your home you can spend time with your children, a movie, a good book, or even go out for a meal.

Who Needs Irvine House Cleaning?

The short answer to this question is essentially, “anyone whom lives in a home or apartment.” More specifically however, professional house cleaners work best for those who might be short on time, those who loathe cleaning their homes, and those who have either a big family or a big home. There aren’t too many homeowners that actually enjoy spending their weekends cleaning their dwellings nor is any person going to choose housework over children, grandchildren, a trip to the movies, or spending time with their friends. In the same vein, individuals whom own large homes aren’t exactly chomping at the bit to tackle that type of project either. Homeowners with big families might benefit the most from a professional house cleaning. Even the tidiest parent has trouble keeping up with all the toys, the dirt, the spills, the stains, the smudges, and all the other types of build up that occur in their homes. None of these people need to worry about house cleaning though as our services mitigate all the stresses associated with the task.

How Often Should You Clean Your Home?

Although it’s not a requirement, homeowners should seriously consider having their houses cleaned by professionals every other week. Two visits from professionals a month work wonders for a home and generally speaking, keep homes looking, smelling, and feeling great. Of course for some, twice a week isn’t going to be enough which is why we also offer weekly cleaning services. Our weekly services are great for those with children, pets, and those individuals who prefer their homes stay clean round the clock. It’s important to keep in mind however that we can clean your home as often or little as you like. Our services are flexible and designed to fit the needs of our customers.

What Comes With Professional House Cleaning


  • Tidy up, and make beds
  • Change linens when provided
  • Clean tile and wood floors, vacuum carpet
  • Dust and polish furniture
  • Remove trash
  • Clean and sanitize trash can, inside and out
  • Remove high cobwebs
  • Remove dust from ceiling fan
  • Remove smudges from light switch plates
  • Wipe clean picture frames
  • Wipe clean window sills and sashes
  • Hand wash exposed baseboards

  • Clean and sanitize microwave
  • Hand-wash clean the stove
  • Hand-wash cabinets exteriors
  • Clean the exterior of appliances
  • Clean the interior of refrigerator
  • Clean the interior of oven
  • Clean and sanitize the sink
  • Hand-wash counters
  • Wash floor with special attention to corners
  • Tidy up, remove trash, reline the trash can
  • Hand wash exposed baseboards

  • Toilet scrubbed clean, disinfected
  • Shower and tub scrubbed clean
  • Fixtures cleaned and shined
  • Sinks hand-washed
  • Shower glass cleaned
  • Counters hand-washed
  • Mirrors cleaned and shined
  • Clean & sanitize trash cans
  • Floors hand washed
  • Tile scrubbed clean
  • Hand wash exposed baseboards
Every Room

  • Wash wood floors, tile floors, vacuum carpets
  • Vacuum couches and upholstered chairs
  • Dust and polish furniture
  • Remove cobwebs
  • Remove dust from blinds
  • Remove dust from ceiling fans
  • Remove smudges from light switch plates
  • Remove smudges from doors
  • Hand-wash inside and outside of trash cans
  • Hand-wash window sills and sashes
  • Hand-wash front door glass
  • Hand-wash sliding glass doors, vacuum tracks
  • Hand wash exposed baseboards
  • Pick up and straighten, remove trash